MLK Weekend

As noted above, I’m a fraternity alum, Phi Kappa Sigma at UC Riverside. When I was an undergrad, Martin Luther King Weekend, or at least what became that while I was there, was our winter retreat weekend. We’d initiate the fall pledges on the Friday evening at Watkins House (now the site of the alumni building), walk back to our party lounge at Bannockburn Village next door and toast the guys, and then pile ourselves and our bags into several cars and run an “Italian Job”-like drive “up the hill” to a rented cabin in the San Bernardino mountains for the retreat. Imagine if you will a group of young men of all races, creeds, colors, social backgrounds and walks of life, eating too much, drinking too much, smoking too much, gambling, watching playoff football, wrestling, dogpiling, throwing toy squirrels into the roaring fireplace, generally wreaking mayhem on the unsuspecting owner’s second residence and occasionally having profitable discussions of fraternity business. Dr. King might not have approved of some of our shenanigans, but I like to think he would have appreciated the good fellowship.


Hi. I’m Rich. We live in absurd times. Let’s laugh at them together.

Hey, everybody. What’s good? Welcome to my little corner of the Net. I’m Rich DeCamp. “Fader” is my fraternity nickname. Imagine a mob of well-liquored college guys chanting “FADER! FADER! FADER!” and you know where the blog name comes from. Geographically, I’m a native Southern Californian, very nearly a native Riversider. Religiously, I’m a long-time believing, well-schooled but not so well-churched and sometimes horribly misbehaving Protestant (did I tell you I was a fraternity alum?) turned (as of Easter 2014) still-believing, still-well-schooled but now weekly-Sunday-Mass attending Catholic and with God’s help, somewhat better behaved and I’m loving it. Politically, I’m a voting-life-long conservative Republican turned still-conservative independent. Athletically, I support Southern California sports teams, but especially the Dodgers, the Lakers, the UCR Highlanders and most affectionately of all, yourrrrr Woodcrest Christian Royals. And on so much (if not all) of the rest of modern society, I believe that Bobby Braddock and Troy Jones were right on the nose when they wrote “God is great, beer is good and people are crazy.” Even myself. Especially myself.

I intend to go into further detail as we go along. I hope you’re entertained, stimulated, and/or inspired by the results, particularly if you’re piqued enough to hit the tip jar and/or shop Amazon. I need the money. (You have no idea, and that may be a good thing.) The more you drop, the merrier I’ll be. Just remember Limbaugh Disclaimer Number Two: This blog is not about what you think. Limbaugh Disclaimer Number One of course being: The opinions expressed by the author of this blog are not necessarily the opinions of anyone else. But they should be.

All right. Let’s get after it. Enjoy!